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VIFF returns to Vancouver this fall!

posted by: Ramada Vancouver Downtown Hotel on: August 25, 2017

Vancouver is the cultural capital of Western Canada (don’t tell Calgary – they couldn’t bear to hear it). That means when it comes to appreciating arts and culture, Vancouver has it going on. Don’t believe me? Then check out the…


VIFF returns to Vancouver for its 36 year! Taking place from September 28 to October 13, VIFF is over two weeks of pure cinema bliss for the true cinephile. Second only to the Toronto Film Festival in Canada, VIFF is dedicated to bringing greater understanding of the world’s cultures to Vancouver!
Every year hosts numerous premieres, celebrity galas, huge reveals and sleeper hits, and this year will be no exception. Check out the program guide here for details!

Here are some of the movies we’re looking forward to:
  • The End of The Road – a documentary about BC’s very own Lund, this film tells the personal stories of all the war resisters, dreamers, and just plain weirdos who call this northernmost point of the Sunshine Coast their home. Filled with home footage of life in this beautiful community, this one will help you remember life’s possibilities.
  • Neither Wolf Nor Dog – the story of young writer who is shanghaied into an epic road trip by a Lakota elder who believes he is the one to tell his story, Neither Wolf Nor Dog has been a surprise hit on the independent film circuit this year. Don’t miss it!
  • Pop Aye – another road movie, this one has a few twists that separate it from its peers: for one, it’s set in Thailand; for another, one of its main characters is an elephant. And not an animated, wise-cracking elephant – a real, flesh and blood elephant who is able to wordlessly chew the scenery – literally!

If you’re coming to Vancouver for VIFF, stay at the Ramada Vancouver Downtown Hotel
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